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designing   spaces   that   breathe   life
1. the place where something occurs;
2. a center or source of activity.

What we do

We blend science and passion to improve our planet and the conditions of those who call it home.


Imagine a world where refugees are welcomed, are seen as agents of change, and are valued for the people they are and the embodied skills they possess. A core foundation of our work is the interconnection of environment, society, and individuals; and the belief that regenerative solutions can have an impact on all three.

Ecological Design

We believe in the considerate observation of natural systems, a blend of whole systems thinking and regenerative design, with a reverence of local knowledge. We have more than a decade of experience across a wide range of site and project contexts; from running an ecological design school in Thailand, to consulting on numerous agroforestry and regenerative agriculture projects around the world. We have worked in Guatemala, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, Belgium, Portugal and France.

Pattern Languages

Every space, each and every place, has its own distinct promise of bringing about beauty and belonging. We specialize in Pattern Languages — a powerful design methodology to articulate, direct and realize these phenomena we call beauty and belonging. From informal settlements to backyard gardens, from block club meeting rooms to personal office spaces, from restaurants to homes, our Pattern Languages are able to generate a design which tunes people and place, contributing greater cohesion and deeper interlock for all the important places in our lives.

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Recent Work


A 200-person demonstration site at the Tamera Peace Research & Education center in southern Portugal will showcase best practices of regenerative design and technologies applicable to refugee camps and informal settlements. Implementation starts in September 2018.

Jewels In The Desert

Winner of the 2018 LUSH Spring Prize for social and environmental regeneration, Jewels in the Desert aims to support the creation of enterprises that leverage existing waste streams, closed loops design and collaborative growth while stimulating the local economy.

Jewels In The Desert
Regenerative Resettlement Toolkit

A regenerative design toolkit created as an aid for the design of refugee camps and new projects located within camps.

Regenerative Resettlement Toolkit